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I came just in time. I was excited but got lazy on the first part. Didn't want to go out yet. I was asleep when tita Doc moved Mommy's tummy forcefully. Then I heard they said, it's time. I woke up as mommy was already screaming. I got stressed out and so I started kicking and I can feel mommy's cry each time I do it. I had to be careful not to hurt her. I heard someone told mommy that she was doing great. (Great Job Mom!) and then I heard Mommy whispered "Babe, I need you to help mommy on this. Try to push yourself out where you see light. I love you and see you in a bit".. I felt the warmth of her voice. I need to do a good job on what Mommy asked me to do so she'll feel better. Once again, I heard mommy screamed and this time, someone was pushing my bottom. It's good though; it will help me push out. After 4 rounds of trying, I finally saw her "My Mommy!".. She passed out but tita doc said she'll be fine. Saw her after 8 hours... She loves me!!. Saw daddy too, he is amazing as I expected. Can't wait to play soccer with him (that's what I kept on hearing from him when I was inside Mommy's). Whatever it is, it's going to be great!

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